1. Jerry Scdoris, Bend, Oregon
2. Jeff Conn, Ester , Alaska
3. Stacey Teasley, Jackson , Wyoming
4. Jerry Bath, Lander , Wyoming
5. Bruce Magnusson, Cheyboygan, Michigan
6. Blayne Buddy Streeper, Fort Nelson, BC Canada
7. Eli Golton, Fort Nelson, BC Canada
8. Dave Turner, Sandy , Oregon
9. Dennis Laboda, Hovland, Mn
10. JR Anderson, Cook , Mn
11. Ryan Redington, Wasilla , Ak
12. Jake Golton, L'Amable, Ontario Canada
13. John Stewart, Fort Nelson, BC Canada
14. Al Borak, Cheyboygan, Michigan

Jerry Scdoris, Bend, Oregon

Stage racing is the most challenging format in sled dog racing.   It represents the magical distance between the all out sprint of a 25 mile speed race and a 100 mile all day trek of the Iditarod format.   I love it.   Last winter I took my 40,000th.  person for a sled dog ride from my dog yard on Mt Bachelor in Bend, Oregon.
This is my 3rd year of participation in Wyoming.   Great expectations, anticipation and preparation have gone into my entry in the 2015 Wyoming Stage Stop.   I will be celebrating my 67th. birthday on the trail!

Jeff Conn, Ester , Alaska

 Jeff Conn a retired USDA Agricultural Research Scientist.Now a fulltime dog musher. Started mushing in 1983 when he was given a retired Iditarod leader for pulling a sled on ski trips. He 
aquired 2 more dogs and was impressed with their speed & started racing.Jeff progressed through the limited classes and started racing the open class in 1989. Jeff has numerous top 10 finishes in open class. He has won the ISDRA Gold Medal twice.In 10 dog sprint. Jeff started training for the
IPSSSDR after he retired from the USDA and hopes to continue improving his finishing position.

Stacey Teasley, Jackson , Wyoming

 I love being a musher. I love my family. I love my dogs. I love to do. I love to learn. I love to listen. I love to tell stories. I love to dance.
That pretty much sums me up.
I feel so fortunate to be able to live my passions and look forward to being among the cast of 
characters in this years IPSSSDR

Jerry Bath, Lander , Wyoming

 I was raised on a fifth generation cattle ranch in Northern California. Where I worked with horses and dogs. It was volunteering at the Lander Leg of the 1st IPSSSDR in 1996 when I witnessed the electricity of the dogs racing and it changed my life. I bought a few dogs with no intentions of racing, but after awhile was encouraged by friends to enter a local race.I now enter several races a year and this will be my 7th IPSSSDR. This race has been some of the most rewarding experiences to date.The level of professionalism and sportsmanship is second to none. This is truly the Super Bowl of dog mushing

Bruce Magnusson, Cheyboygan, Michigan

 Monica and I came to SS to learn from the best Vets, and race against the best. This will be our 10th straight SS. Are racing season revolves around this race each year. We've also made life long friends at this event. Can't see missing it. 

Blayne Buddy Streeper, Fort Nelson, BC Canada

 Blayne Streeper - Fort Nelson B.C. Age 32
Professional Dog Musher , owner of Streeper Kennels.
Born and raised in the sport of sled dog racing.
10X World Champion
8X Canadian Champion
5X IPSSSDR Champion
Humanitarian Award Winner at Canadian Championship Yellowknife, CA
Exceptional Dog Care Award Winner presented by the Vets at the Laconia World Championships
Sled Dog Magazine " Dog & Driver" voted " Musher of the Year"
Husband , Father of 2 young daughters Alva & Clara
Looking forward to seeing everyone in Wyoming 2015

Eli Golton, Fort Nelson, BC Canada

 Eli Golton20 yrs old. Began dog sledding at the age of 2 with his dad.Eli began racing competively at the age of 12 in adult races.
Eli has shared a kennel of Alaskan Huskies with his Dad , Ken and brother Jake. Eli has since age 12 raced the Ontario Circuit, as well as the Can Am Crown , Maine and in Michigan. Eli was the gold medalist for the OFSS race circuit for 2010 and 2012.
Eli has worked as a handler and trainer for Aaron Peck for the 2013 raceing season.
Looking forward to returning to Wyoming to race the IPSSSDR as part of the Streeper Kennels Racing Team

Dave Turner, Sandy , Oregon

 Dave and his dogs are excited to race their 4th Stage Stop this year. Dave would like to thank the organization, sponsors, volunteers and race fans for all their efforts to make this a great race.

Dennis Laboda, Hovland, Mn

 Bio to come

JR Anderson, Cook , Mn

JR Anderson has grown up in the sport of sled dogs.  This year marks his 10th time racing the IPSSSDR, with the first time racing the IPSSSDR in 2005.  He is proud to return to race against the most competitive stage racing kennels in the world, as well as the wonderful state of Wyoming and surrounding communities.
JR, wife Anna, and daughter Sara live in Buyck, Minnesota.  They care for 30 sled dogs, with most of the dogs bred and raised at River Rock Kennel.
Chris Lang, Anna (wife) & Elizabeth Chapman help train, care and maintain the day to day activities at the kennel.  This well oiled team also works together to ensure the dogs have the best possible care and attention during the race.
When JR isn't with the dogs you will find him building homes and commercial buildings for clients.  Custom crafted woodwork is a specialty JR has perfected over the years and he is well known for his buildings original characteristics.
Welcome to the IPSSSDR JR Anderson

Ryan Redington, Wasilla , Ak

 Ryan Redington has been running dogs since he could hang on to the handle bars. In his family, mushing is a family tradition as his grandfather, Jo, Redington Sr., founded the Iditarod Trail sled dog race. Ryan has run in many races ranging from the Fury Rondy to the Iditarod. He and his wife, Erin,  live in Knik, Alaska with their daughter Eve who was born this past September. Ryan also has a daughter, Raynee, who lives in North Carolina. This will be Ryan's fifth year racing in the IPSSSDR.

Jake Golton, L'Amable, Ontario Canada

 Jake Golton L'Amable, Ontario Canada  Age 23
2011 IPSSSDR 8th place and 2013 IPSSSDR 7th place.
I began mushing in 1995 with my family.I grew up watching and helping my dad, Ken Golton race. I now own and operate my own kennel with my girlfriend, Nina. We have 26 dogs. We are located in L'Amable Ontario. We are really looking forward to racing in Wyoming again this year. Can't wait to catch up with our musher friends.

John Stewart, Fort Nelson, BC Canada

 bio to come

Al Borak, Cheyboygan, Michigan

 bio to come